General Manager

A bassist and video game nerd that just has a passion for all things coffee. He was Born in Massachusetts but grew up in South Florida. After attending FAU he went on to a life in Tallahassee. Learning from some of the best baristas in Tallahassee he was granted the incredible opportunity to work for shop-owner, Bob, and help to realize a dream of building and operating a coffee shop from the ground up! 

Pensacola St. Store Lead

Michael Diane was born and raised in Tallahassee and is currently pursuing a degree in art history from Florida State University. She loves coffee almost as much as she loves her dog, Mike, who she named after herself and her boyfriend, also named Michael. She is a hardworking barista that has been with our team since July 2017 and is always willing to provide anyone with a helping hand or comedic relief. She is an artist, a student, a barista and throws herself fully into everything she does.

Winner of the 2018 Barista League: Greenville 

Capital Circle Store Lead

Born and raised in Tallahassee, Wyatt is a multi-talented musician and producer. Host of popular environmental podcast, No Planet B, Wyatt somehow still manages to find time to educate himself in the wonders of coffee. 

Bob n Shara.jpg
Bobby & Shara

God & Family come first for these beloved owners. Bob, Leads by example and this talented bassist and board gamer has always strove to create a transparent business that thrives on honesty and respect. Shara works behind the scenes being certain quality is maintained and guests are always satisfied.

Owner & Developers